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Books and scumbags


Part 1 The Books

     On that fateful day, the 24th of March 2020, when the first whispers of a lockdown echoed through the streets of London, a shipment of zines arrived at my doorsteps. These zines, bearing the name "Violence Grows", held within their pages a powerful narrative that would captivate the minds of those who dared to delve into their depths.

But the journey of Violence Grows did not end there. The materials needed to bring these zines to life, the boxes, colophon, stickers, and cover labels, arrived just in time. With meticulous care and unwavering dedication, the packages were assembled, ready to conquer the world...

The world had changed though and since it became clear that the Covid will last for a while, I opted for an online launch.

A software engineer by trade, I decided to extend my expertise in digital channels into my book publishing hobby...and just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Cultural Traffic Shop was born. 

Therefore, I have designed and launched this website ( in April 2020. It provided a creative outlet during the time spent in isolation, allowing me to explore new skills and interests.

Since then, I have produced and published another three books, under the name  "Cultural Traffic” (Dictator Banknotes 2020, Dictator Postal Stamps 2021, 1973/2000 NewAge 2022) and before 2020, the Kraftwerk Dance forever, the two editions (Black & Yellow) I launched as well.

Acquiring banknotes, stamps, rave flyers, dealing with the printing and shipping companies, assemble the books, shipping to wholesalers worldwide were strenuous and frustrating activities at times as I had to learn everything the hard way and do everything on my own. It was like I was 17 again but hiding the pain behind the face mask now.

It was a testament to the human spirit's capacity to not only endure but to transcend, to draw inspiration from the demands of one world and channel it into the creation of another.

Very grateful to all my suppliers for being super supportive and responsive despite the hard times.

Fortunately, it didn't take long for my newfound hobby to evolve into a significant investment of both time and creative energy. With each improvement and addition, the website blossomed, reflecting my commitment to quality and innovation.

In the solitude of pandemic years, a miraculous bond unfolded – a kinship between myself and the books that became my steadfast companions. As the world outside brimmed with uncertainty, these tomes transformed into the best friends that never once let me down.

Nurturing these literary treasures felt like a sacred duty, as if my soul were meticulously crafting a fresh haven to shield these fragile, unspoiled magic stories. Each page whispered secrets, and every cover held the promise of an untold adventure waiting to be unfurled.

To keep the website consistent, I had acquired few other titles and have them made available online, until the Book fairs could take off again.

From my production, Dictator Postal Stamps 2021 is probably, the closest to my heart; it is unique and original and trully exceptional; when miniture stamps morph into biographers, chroniclers or even bards of an era, making it a standout among similar endeavors.
$650.00 @; only £250 @

From the books I acquired, Oh So Pretty - Punk In Print remains, by far, my favourite.

While the books have touched my heart and enriched my life in a very special way, not the same applies to their author, Toby Mott. 

Part 2 The scumbag

There is no fairy tale without a villain, as the story tellers warn us.

However, when the villain turns out to be the author of the very books you've invested your time, money, and energy into, the villain becomes nothing more than a common scoundrel. In such instances, storytellers reassure us that the forces of good must take action to expose and ultimately eliminate the parasite, eventually wipes it off the face of the earth, restoring balance to the narrative.

Since the end of 2017 I have lent to Toby Mott, the books’ author, money for personal use, not related to books, fairs, etc, but to pay his bills, friends and survive, and eventually start doing something he said on his demands. It was an act of generosity (and pityness) and sadly a generosity that brings you misery long term…

Overall, he owes me, Corina Manu, £50K, in personal loans.

In 2021 I forewarned him that the money must be paid back and in preparation I handed him over the file with all the payments I made, and he must return.

After many demands and terms that I gave him, through emails and personal, face to face, he avoided the accountability and had no decency to start returning the money or make any commitment to do so.

But put his girlfriend, Pippa Hill, to try to trick me in believing he is bankrupt, out of money thus proliferating the chain of lies and dishonesty. 
And, as per the same girlfriend information, he does such scums, as a dedicated job, for at least 20 years (see emails in the link provided).

Therefore, I was left with no option but to file for bankruptcy (August 2022).
An guess what...he sent messages of intimidation to my solicitors, trying to play the victim.

After a first court hearing in March 2023, a half day hearing was set up for 6th October 2023 and from what was left from the goodness of my heart, I even agreed on making him an offer...

Anyhow,  the Earth turns anticlockwise sometime and, another blow: a London metro and train strike was announced for the Friday, the 6th Oct.
Therefore, the court decided to hold the hearing…remotely, on Teams, not half day, no cross examination but a real weird, court travesty; an ad-hoc judge who didn’t know the case and had to rely on the logorrheic barrister version, a hurry up procedure to fit into 1h11m25s + 15 min for the decision...a real parody.

In the end the judge went for technicality, arguing that I circumvent my way, filing for bankruptcy and my defence layer was not able to sustain the evidence to the contrary although she had enough of it.

The judge of the day decided to set aside my statutory demand, without finding the debtor not guilty as charged though.

In my book, Toby Mott remains a fraudulent old male without shame, decency or honour and must pay his liabilities, which extend to more than money.
Cross examination trial to follow.

The versed con artists (cowards by nature) have the survival skills (cunning, adaptability, and a lack of moral restraint) of cloaking their true nature with a veneer of charm and friendliness and many times I wonder how/why these kind of scumbags don't succumb to the weight of shame, or the earth doesn't open under their feet and swallows them...!!

Their ability to navigate the social landscape with such adeptness leaves us questioning the boundaries of trust and honesty.

Hopefully, his daughter with Louise Galvin, grew up in a healthy environment and protected.

I am posting this story because it is my belief that Dishonesty (crooks), deceitfulness, gaslighting, Sense of Entitlement, to name a few, must be always exposed and sanctioned by any means available...just like in the timeless theme of fairy tales, although this is a pathetic and shameful real-world reality.

I delayed the publishing, giving the debtor yet another chance to redeem himself and assume accountability…in vain though.

You might say: No good deed goes unpunished…not this time...!!

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PS1 It is hard to avoid the collateral damages.
In silence or in chaos, the books will always be good companions, love them for what they are..!!
It firmly belief that books should enlighten, delight, and inspire.

The author fails to adequately represent them...and that won't change..!!