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Violence Grows: Toby Mott | Signed Edition | March 2020


Violence Grows | March 2020

First Edition of 200 copies autographed and dated by the author

Published by Cultural Traffic March 2020

Violence Grows: Toby Mott is a forceful, wide-ranging look at four iconoclastic female icons of the 1980s. A four-phase journey, focusing on three punk artists and one divisive politician. All four re-shaped antiquated ideas on identity, sexuality, and the role of women in a dysfunctional society. These four determined women set out to overturn the world they lived in. 

The confrontational content of Violence Grows: The publication examines a patriarchal elitist system and how culture can subvert it. Presenting material from the archive of The Mott Collection a counter-cultural archive of these transgressive women of the 1980s with a pointed political edge. 

This empowering collection of galvanising ephemera highlights the political and social troubles of the past whilst illuminating the times we’re living through right now.

Four image-based publications, one dedicated to each subject; Margaret Thatcher, Honey Bane, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and One A2 poster and a vintage sheet of Margaret Thatcher toilet paper all housed in a sticker embellished mailer box. 

Art Direction: Jamie Reid. 
Design: Emmanuel O’Brien. 
Text Editor: Vivien Goldman 
All source material courtesy of The Mott Collection. 
ISBN 978-1-83853-186-7