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1973/2000 NEW AGE



Published by Corina Manu, Cultural Traffic (& Dashwood Books) 2022

Available with French and Spanish translation

Picture this: the art of UK rave in 373 pages... From UK iconic rave, jungle, sound system and warehouse party flyers to posters and badges.

1973/2000 New Age is a reference collection dating from the early 1973s to 2000.

The book looks beyond the music, it delves into the fantastical elements that contributed to shaping this subculture's identity and how it influenced the evolution of partying in Britain across different decades. 

Overall, New Age is a comprehensive exploration that combines historical information with a visually captivating presentation. It not only captures the essence of specific youth rebellions but also places them within the broader context of global cultural shifts.

Featuring interviews with influential flyer designers such as Pez, Kaos, Junior Tomlin, and Dave Little.

Art and Design Direction: Jamie Reid Studio

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ISBN 978-1-3999-1151-1

Closed 220×312mm portrait, open 440×312mm
376pp + 10 tip-ins from cultural contributors
Threadsewn with 8pp softcover