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Foetus | Fay Burnett


Fay Burnett


Cyanotype on paper 

65.5 x 90cm (framed)


Sleeping Beauty…Preying Mantis…Fay is poised in her safe space, a nook in the Welsh woods. Brewing in retreat over lockdown, she re-aligns an understanding of Self & identity. She breathes; basking in the June sun, muscles loose but tense; 4 minutes to bake. 


Artist Statement


Fay Burnett is a Welsh artist creating environmentally aware work within themes of TIME, the witness, vulnerability, relationship, gender, communication, mythology, presence and ALIVENESS.

She uses her body and experience as research tools, her method of research is activity.

Fay’s work is integrally performative. These print works are the result of a performative process in which her full body interacts with the materials - paper, photosensitive chemicals, sunlight - to leave its impression. Fay explores radical, tender and true expression through physical body movement. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Fay has been building a body of work of Cyanotype self portraits. They act as journal entries, capturing a time of external constraints and inner liberation.