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Kingsley Ifill 2018


Kingsley Ifill


Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30cm

Kingsley Ifill is a Kent-based artist born in 1988. His work was featured in exhibitions at the Golborne Gallery, Cob Gallery, Hannah Barry Gallery (Crowd), London , the  V1 GAllery Copenhagen and  several other selected group exhibitions.

Working across painting and sculpture, screen printing, photography, bookmaking and more, Kingley’s work is presenting images that are at once mundanely familiar, and strangely morphed so that you have to process them again.

Kingsley explains: “Personally, I’ve got a lot of energy and emotion invested in the work, but regardless of that, if there was an aim, it would be for viewers to come and develop their own thoughts or feelings towards the work rather than being spoon fed through a press release.”
"Once upon a time (a time when high art was scarce), it must have been a revolutionary and creative move to interpret works of art. Now it is not. What we decidedly do not need now is further to assimilate Art into Thought, or (worse yet) Art into Culture."