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Kraftwerk: Dance Forever | First Edition 2018 - RARE


Kraftwerk: Dance Forever | Autographed First Edition 

Published by Cultural Traffic 2018

Published by Cultural Traffic to mark the exhibition Kraftwerk: Dance Forever, Detroit, Michigan, 2018, with Flexi Disc, Rusty Egan Presents, 'Thank You' a tone poem homage to Kraftwerk

Presents a compelling collection of rare items from the German electronic music pioneers and those they influenced, it documents Kraftwerk's aesthetic output from the early 1970’s to the present. Showing promotional material, sheet music, obsolete recorded media, posters, photos and musical toys charting Kraftwerk's highly influential machine music aesthetic, which inspired dance music and specifically Detroit Techno. The industrial sound of Motor City and Kraftwerk on the autobahn is a spiritual connection bought together in Kraftwerk: Dance Forever

Forward by Toby Mott
Designed by Alex McWhirter

Edition Size 150

Soft-cover with glossy dust jacket, 98 color pages 

Fine. Slight tear on dust jacket