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Showboat: Punk / Sex /Bodies | 2016

Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies               

Published by Dashwood Books, New York, 2016

For the traveling exhibition Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies, the editor has explored their archive of punk memorabilia to offer a chronological exploration of the intersection of punk and sexuality. This journey unfolds through original posters, flyers, record covers, photographs, and editorial features, providing a comprehensive view of this dynamic relationship.

Beginning in 1972 and spanning right up to the present day, Showboat features contributions from Julie Burchill, Paul Cook, Vivien Goldman, Eve Libertine, Richard Kern, Bruce LaBruce, Amos Poe, Richard Prince and Will Self among many others, and explores the sex in punk and punk in sex.

Forward by Toby Mott

Designed by Jamie Andrew Reid
First Edition: 1,500 copies
Softcover, 220 x 285mm, 376 pages section sewn