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Venn2: Orlando Campbell > Venn Collection 2018


Venn Diagrams

(vodka tonic and ice, vodka coke and ice, vodka ginger and ice =ice)



Acrylic on canvas

30 x 30cm


Orlando Campbell was raised by an art collecting family in the London borough of Chelsea.  From an early age he lived with and was influenced by the work of artists such as; Frank Stella, Patrick Caulfield, Kenneth Noland and Eduardo Paolozzi.  These artists’ use of colour and symmetry were to become important influences on his work over the following years. 

 In 1993, Campbell opened Green Street, an iconic private members club in Mayfair and after, he ran The Globe,  which became a club institution in West London.  Both venues were legendary in the fact that the art, fashion and culture tribes congregated there.

 In 2000 Campbell opened a boutique art hotel, The Westbourne, on the edge of Notting Hill, where he was responsible for filling every room with art  collected primarily from his friends,  who were later labelled the YBA’s (Young British Artists).   Here you could see work by Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Danny Chadwick, Keith Coventry and Patrick Caulfield amongst others.

 In 2001, he moved to the countryside and started work as a full time artist.