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Violence Grows: Toby Mott | Signed Edition | March 2020


Violence Grows | March 2020

First Edition of 200 copies autographed and dated by the author

Published March 2020

"Violence Grows: TM" collection of zines presents a dynamic and expansive exploration of four iconic female figures of the 1980s. Through four distinct phases, the narrative delves into the lives of three punk artists and one controversial politician. Each of these formidable women challenged traditional notions of identity, sexuality, and the societal roles of women in a world marked by dysfunction. Driven by determination, they embarked on a mission to dismantle the norms of their era and reshape the world around them.

"Violence Grows: TM" it is a thought-provoking exploration of cultural and societal change brought about by four influential female figures. It combines elements of art, politics, and rebellion to tell a compelling story of transformation during the dynamic era of the 1980s.

Four image-based publications, one dedicated to each subject; Margaret Thatcher, Honey Bane, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and One A2 poster and a vintage sheet of Margaret Thatcher toilet paper all housed in a sticker embellished mailer box. 

Art Direction: Jamie Reid. 
Design: Emmanuel O’Brien. 
Text Editor: Vivien Goldman 
All source material courtesy of The Mott Collection. 
ISBN 978-1-83853-186-7